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Student Safety Reminders

"Trucking" -- an Unsafe TrendTop of Page

Families, we have recently become aware of a new trend in elementary and middle school play called Trucking. This game involves students attempting to knock one another over in mutual play until someone falls to the ground or cries quit. As you can imagine, this type of play can cause accidental injuries and has been the source of much disruption over the past week. Please speak to your children about this activity and encourage them not to participate or spectate. At Westmore Oaks, students are expected to respect physical boundaries and not engage in play that involves physical contact outside of organized recess and PE activities.

Please_Model_Use_of_Crosswalks_for_Student_Safety Card IconPlease Model Use of Crosswalks for Student SafetyTop of Page

Families, just a reminder that everything we say and do models appropriate behavior for our students while home and at school. Please support us in enforcing behavior expectations of our students while at school by modeling the appropriate use of crosswalks surrounding our campus. Little eyes observe everything, so please help us model safe practices as we walk to and from school.