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Welcome, Dragons, to a positive and academically enriching school year!  I am incredibly excited to be joining you as your new principal and look forward to an amazing year of learning and growing.  Assistant Principal, Mr. Westberg, and I have been busy dragon keepers this summer working hard with staff to get Westmore Oaks ready for your return in August, and we can't wait to see all of you back again!

Education is so very important.  Did you know that the average difference in salary between a person with a high school diploma and a person without is almost $10,000 a year?  And that a person with a 2-year degree or vocational training makes an average of another $7,000 a year on top of that?  Education is more than grades and report cards; education is the great equalizer in income and professional success.  It is the gatekeeper for so many things in life that it is vital that we work as a school and community to ensure that every Dragon has access to a rigorous and relevant learning experience to inspire them to be life-long learners and to pursue any dream they can imagine!  Our goal here at Westmore Oaks is that every student discover and strengthen his or her talents, that every student receive a challenging and relevant educational experience, and that every student promotes from our school proficient in the 21st Century skills needed to be successful in today's rapidly-changing job market and global community.

We cannot do it alone, and so I urge you to please join us in making this goal a reality for our kids.  Students, speak up and advocate for your needs.  Make the most of every learning opportunity.  Stretch yourselves by trying new, healthy, and enriching experiences--try a sport, join a club, participate in community service!  These years will go by fast, but each one offers an abundance of opportunities to learn about yourself, your passions, and to start laying the foundation for achieving the life you someday want for yourself.  Parents and families, volunteer and become active in our school.  Join our PTSA, help out in your child's classroom, frequently communicate with your child's teachers, and find ways to supplement the learning your student is receiving at school in relevant ways at home.  I truly believe that educating our children requires consistent and dedicated teamwork, communication, and a single-minded focus that together, working in support of each other, we can achieve great success for our kids.

Mr. Westberg and I look forward to working alongside our Westmore Oaks students, staff, parents, families, and community this year to create unimaginably wonderful outcomes for our children.  This is going to be an amazing year!

Stacey Falconer, Principal


Hello, Westmore Oaks families!  I am thrilled to be back as your Assistant Principal for theschool year.  I served as a classroom teacher for over 20 years, mainly teaching 3rd grade and 6th grade.  My teaching experience has greatly prepared me to be an effective school administrator.  I'd like to thank our students, families, and staff for welcoming me to Westmore Oaks in January 2016.  My primary role is to support all Westmore Oaks students in becoming successful lifelong learners.  I look forward to an amazing 2016-17 school year with Mrs. Falconer and the entire staff of Westmore Oaks.
Go Dragons! 

Eric Westberg, Assistant Principal


Stacey Falconer, Principal. Eric Westberg, Assistant Principal
Stacey Falconer
Eric Westberg
Assistant Principal