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Flood Poster Contest!

West Sacramento Flood Preparedness Poster Contest!

The West Sacramento Flood Preparedness Poster Contest is underway!  Students are encouraged to make a Flood Preparedness Poster and turn it in to Mrs. Smith by October 30th!  The poster has to include how you would plan for a flood, pack items for your family and how to protect your home.  The Poster Contest flyer is located in the locker on this homepage!

West Sacramento Flood Preparedness also includes a Flat Stanley and Flat Stella paper dolls that you can color and take on a tour of your home for Flood Preparedness!  Last year Mrs. Smith tweeted Flat Stanley and Flat Stella around Westmore!  The flyers with Flat Stanley and Flat Stella are in the locker on this homepage. 



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Bowman, Jayne
Burr, Jennifer
Butler, Barbara
Carpio, Monique
Christie, Chris
Churchill, Carolee
Cummings, Kevin
Daykin, Willow
Elfers, Deanea
Escobedo, Janice
Evans, Diane
Fegan, Tim
Garcia, Michelle
Gregory, Naquiba
Harrigan, Nicolas
Honsal, Jeni
Hooberry, Kelly
Jackson, Sarah
Loscotoff, Jennifer
Mann, Samantha
Marsh, Cynthia
Matlock, Charlotte
McCarthy, Jennifer
McDaniel, Debbie
Melton, Katherine
Ofenham, Marty
Olsen, Christopher
Palamidessi, Mary
Pearsall, Kurt
Plascencia, Nellie
Ramirez, Paula
Rhinehart, Jennifer
Science Teacher
Rosales, Tina
Samek, Elaine
Schubot, Angela
Scordakis, Wendy
Shukuya, Anika
Smith, Diane
Straws, Thea
Utterback, Amy
Walker, Heidi
Yen, Shelly
Zamboni, Barbara
Zwerdling, Jillian
Science Teacher
Today: 10/22/14



Greetings Parents, Staff and Students!  Our school has been picked by the Mayor of West Sacramento, Christopher Calbaldon, as the site for the press conference for the kickoff of the California Flood Preparedness Week!  Many of our students participated in the Flood Preparedness Contest last school year and our mayor was so impressed by our student entries that he decided to kick off the Flood Preparedness Campaign by holding his press conference at our school!  The conference will be on Tuesday, October 21st in the school library at 10:00 a.m.  Some students have been chosen to attend the conference and parents are also welcome to attend.  There will be many local media stations here covering the event.  It is quite an honor. Follow  Mrs. Smith on twitter for up to date information!  


2014 Great ShakeOut!

2014 Great ShakeOut is Coming!

On Thursday, October 16th our school will participate in the California Great ShakeOut by taking part in the statewide Earthquake Drill at exactly 10:16 a.m. !  Learn about the seven steps to Earthquake Safety at:


 and what to do when an earthquake strikes at:



Fun Friday for 6-8 Grades was a Huge Success!

Fun Friday for Grades 6-8 was a Huge Success!

Congratulations to the students who won the Volleyball Game with the staff by one point last Friday!!  It was a very close game and everyone did an outstanding job.  Special thanks to the staff who played, Mr. Ofenham, Mrs. Schubot, Mr. Cummings, Ms. Escobedo, Jen Garber, Mr. Olsen, Tony Pena, and Mr. Harrigan! 


Designated Drop Off and Pick Up Area on Campus!

Designated Drop Off and Pick Up Area on Campus!


Parents and Guardians,

In accordance with the new Washington Teacher Association contract language for the 2014-2015 school year, each school site in the Washington Unified School District must establish a designated parent/guardian wait area.  This contract language was developed in order to help insure the safety of students, staff and parents, and is in no way meant to deter parent involvement or dissuade parents from being a part of our school culture.  In order to be compliant with the new contract language, beginning October 13, 2014, Westmore Oaks will be implementing new drop off and pick up procedures during school hours from 7:00 a.m. until 2:45 p.m.

Our new drop off-pick up procedures are as follows:


All parents and students must enter through the gate located between the Administration Building and the Cafeteria or the gate by the parking lot and bicycle racks.  After entering the campus, parents may wait with their children in the morning at the picnic tables which are located outside the cafeteria.  When the bell rings at 7:55 a.m., the children can walk without parents to the playground to line up.  Parents and Guardians will not be able to wait on the playground or walk down the halls to the classrooms.  In the afternoon, parents are to wait at the picnic tables until students are dismissed from school. 


Parents and guardians who need to enter campus for other reasons or need to stay for a longer period of time during the stated school hours, mush continue to sign in at the office and get a visitor's badge.

Thanks you for helping us in our efforts to keep your child and the Westmore Oaks staff as safe as possible. 


Sincerely, Mrs. Smith, Principal

Picture Day!

Picture Day is Coming!


Picture Day is Friday, October 10, 2014.  The Picture Forms are being sent home on Monday, September 29th!  The Picture Day Schedule is located in the locker on this homepage if you want to see when your child's classroom is getting pictures taken.  Thanks, Mrs. Smith

It's Showtime

Volleyball and Football Sports have started!

Volleyball and Football Sports have started! 

The Girls Volleyball Team and the Boys & Girls Football Team have already started the games.  The Volleyball games are on Thursdays at Riverbank and the Football Games are at Bridgeway.  The schedules are located in the locker on this homepage.  I have also included the sports rules and special information on concussions.  We want safety to be a high priority at all of the sports events!  Thanks, Mrs. Smith

6-8 Fun Friday Afternoon Coming!

6-8 Fun Friday Afternoon is Coming!

 Friday, October 31st is the next 6-8 Fun Friday Afternoon!  This time the activity will be team relay races between staff and students!  Students can pay for their team of six people for 35 WOW Tickets!  Students who only want to just watch the games will pay for the privilege of sitting in the bleachers for 10 WOW tickets.  Students can purchase the Relay Race Team Tickets OR Seat tickets at lunch on October 27, 28 or 29!   Leadership students and Mrs. Smith will be selling the Play OR Seat tickets at a table next to the music room. 

On Friday, during sixth period your sixth period teacher will dismiss you after taking attendance.  You can walk to the gym at 1:45 p.m.  Present your ticket at the door.  Seat tickets may go sit in the bleachers and Relay Teams will line up on the gym floor.  

Ms. Daykin will go over the relay race rules and bleacher rules before the games begin.  Ms. Daykin will also referee the games.  Audience may cheer and also be expected to be respectful to all players. 

Thanks, Mrs. Smith


Class Color Day is Friday, November 14th

Class Color Day is Friday, November 14th!

Show your class spirit! 

Class Color Days and Other Spirit Dress Days!

Class Color Days & Spirit Days!

Last year, our Student Leadership Team started doing a few Class Color Days and some special Spirit Dress Days!  We have decided to continue to have these days.  The Student Leadership Team wanted to let you know ahead of time about these dress days so students can be prepared for the 2014-15 school year!  WUSD has a K-8 uniform policy which consists of white shirts or a school T-shirt, and navy blue, tan or black uniform bottoms.  We do expect all students to continue to wear a school uniform but we also will offer a few special dress days in the school year!  

The Special Class Color Days and Spirit Dress Days are the following:

October 10=Picture Day, October 17=Crazy Socks & Slacks Day, October 31=Class Color Day, November 14=Heritage Day, November 21=Class Color Day, December 12=Class Color Day, January 9=Career Day, January 30=Class Color Day, February 20=Pink Day, February 27=Class Color Day, March 13=Picture Day, March 20=70's Day, March 27=Class Colors Day, April 10=Twin or Triplet Day, April 24=Class Color Day, May 15=Western Day, May 29=Class Color Day!

Class Colors are:


Kindergarten:               GREEN

First Grade:                  ORANGE

Second Grade:             TEAL

Third Grade:                 PURPLE

Fourth Grade;               GREEN

Fifth Grade:                  ORANGE

Sixth Grade:                TEAL

Seventh Grade:            PURPLE

Eighth Grade:               GREEN


NEW Westmore Oaks T-Shirts!

New Westmore Oaks T-Shirts!

The Westmore PTSA is going to have Westmore T-Shirts in other assorted colors this year!  These shirts are inexpensive and can all be worn as an official school uniform.  Last year we introduced green and purple, which are class colors.  This year we want to also have orange and teal, which are also class colors!  The Westmore T-shirt will also be available in black, another popular color.  The T-shirt order form will be put on the website soon so you can order your T-shirts for school as early as August 12th in the office!!  Thanks to our wonderful PTSA!! 

Westmore School APP

Parents and Students:  Remember to download the Westmore School APP so you can get all of the school information right on your smart phone.  You can access the school webpage, school Facebook, teacher emails and there is even a place on the app where students can write down their assignments and project due dates!  This APP is also FREE!  Go to schoolinfoapp to download the Westmore School APP! 



Download the Westmore School APP!  Go to Schoolinfoapp or the APP Store to download your FREE APP onto your phone or IPad!!




PTSA Family Movie Night!

PTSA Family Movie Night!

PTSA Family Movie Night is this Friday, October 17th from 5:30 to 8:00 p.m. in the school cafeteria!  Doors open at 5:30 and the movie starts at 6:00!  All children must be accompanied by a parent or guardian to attend.  Bring pillows and blankets for free family fun!  The movie is Peabody and Sherman!  The movie is free!  The PTSA will be selling snacks and drinks!  Come out and enjoy the fun! 

Fun Friday

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Crazy Socks and Slacks Day!

Crazy Socks and Slacks Day!

Friday, October 17th is Crazy Socks and Slacks Day!  Students can come to school with crazy socks and slacks! 


Project Fit Running Club!

Project Fit Running Club!

The Project Fit Running Club applications are located in the locker on this homepage!  Permission slips are due to the office by Friday, October 10th! 

NEW Common Core Video!

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Common Core Corner!

Kid Version of the CCSS!

Check out the website below!




Common Core Corner!

Common Core Video!

What is Common Core?



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