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Employee Recognition Night!

WUSD Employee Recognition Night

The WUSD Employee Recognition Night will be on Tuesday, April 28th at Raley Field.  Please come out and help celebrate WUSD employees!  The flyer for the event is located in the locker on this homepage.  Thanks, Mrs. Smith

Happy March!

Happy March! 


New Crosssing Guard Procedures!

New Crossing Guard Procedures!

In an effort to ensure student safety, we have changed the procedures for students crossing the street. All of our crossing guards have been trained by the Washington Unified Director of Transportation as well as the WSPD. Crossing guards are now crossing the students from sidewalk to sidewalk rather than standing in the middle of the intersection.  This method helps to ensure that traffic stops completely before the students enter the crosswalk.  Students shall wait on the sidewalk until they are instructed to enter the crosswalk. Please contact Ms. Koerwitz if you have any questions.

Thank you for your help and support in ensuring our students safety.

Westmore Oaks K-8 School

1100 Clarendon Street

West Sacramento, CA 95691

Phone:  916-375-7730

Fax:  916-375-0963


Bowman, Jayne
Burr, Jennifer
Butler, Barbara
Carpio, Monique
Christie, Chris
Churchill, Carolee
Coffin, Danielle
Cummings, Kevin
Daykin, Willow
Elfers, Deanea
Evans, Diane
Fegan, Tim
Garcia, Michelle
Gregory, Naquiba
Harrigan, Nicolas
Honsal, Jeni
Hooberry, Kelly
Jackson, Sarah
Loscotoff, Jennifer
Mann, Samantha
Marsh, Cynthia
Matlock, Charlotte
McCarthy, Jennifer
McDaniel, Debbie
Melton, Katherine
Ofenham, Marty
Olsen, Christopher
Palamidessi, Mary
Palo, Breanna
Pearsall, Kurt
Plascencia, Nellie
Ramirez, Paula
Rhinehart, Jennifer
Science Teacher
Rosales, Tina
Samek, Elaine
Schubot, Angela
Scordakis, Wendy
Shukuya, Anika
Smith, Diane
Straws, Thea
Toro, Michelle
Turnbow, Jocelyn
Utterback, Amy
Yen, Shelly
Zamboni, Barbara
Zwerdling, Jillian
Science Teacher


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SBAC Computer Assessments Coming!

SBAC Computer Assessments Coming!

SBAC Computer Assessments will begin for all students in grades third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth on Monday, March 23, 2015, and will take place for a month.  Each student will have about a seven to eight hour test time on the computers and we spread that time out over a period of days so students can have enough time to complete the tests.  The tests will cover the subjects of math and English.  Take the SBAC practice tests online to see how they are.  The link is located below.  Thanks, Mrs. Smith



Here is the link to the SBAC Practice tests!  They are open to anyone to see what the SBAC practice tests are like.  Thanks, Mrs. Smith


Westmore Boys Basketball Team!

Westmore Boys Basketball Team

Congratulations to the boys on our boys basketball team!  They are doing an outstanding job.  They are:

Adrian Martinez, Anthony Martinez, Anthony Vargas, Carlos Vigil, Daniel Spicer, Desmond Barrett, Dreizevy Coffman,  Jaden Bracy, Jalen Bracy, Jalen Jackson, Noah Briscoe, Typer Claude, Robert Gretchner, Isaiah Gruillon,  and Victor Moran!  The Basketball Schedule is located in the locker on this homepage


Third Grade Classes at Rhoad's Schoolhouse!

Third Grade Classes enjoyed the field trip to Rhoad's Schoolhouse!  They stepped back in time to see what life was like in the olden days! 


Rhoad's School House!

Special Thanks to Lowe's in West Sacramento!!

Special THANKS to Lowe's in West Sacramento!

Special thanks go out to Lowe's in West Sacramento for their generous donation of redwood for our new planter boxes for our school garden.  The manager of Lowe's helped us by the donation of wood and also donated her fabulous crew of Lowe's volunteers to put the planter boxes together for us.  We also want to thank one of our wonderful parents, Mrs. Julie Phurchpean, who worked with Lowe's in getting us this special donation.  Thanks also to Mrs. Butler and Mrs. Straws for giving of many Saturday hours on getting the garden in such great shape and all of our other parent and student volunteers!  

Girls Volleyball Team! Congratulations!!


Today: 3/29/15

Combined Band Concert on January 13th!

The Combined Band Concert on January 13th was Outstanding!

Southport and Westmore Bands played to a packed house on January 13th in the Westmore Gym!  Beginning Band students up to three year students played various selections to a very appreciative crowd!  Special thanks to Mr. Pearsall for all of his hard work and dedication to our students.  Thanks also to Ms. Daykin for helping to set up and for taking pictures for the Yearbook!  Thanks also to all of the students who played so professionally and positively! 

2015-01-13 18.14.39.jpg

Band Concert Beginning Band!

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Band Concert All Band!

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Kevin Bracy, Chasing Their Greatness!

Garden Pictures!

Garden Volunteers Hard at Work!

Dinner with a Scientist!

Dinner With A Scientist!

             Our Scientist was Brian Scott.  He is from Ottawa and lives in West Sacramento, California.  Just a coincidence.  He graduated from The University of Ottawa with a Masters Degree in Biochemistry.  He develops and improves enzymes for degrading cellulose.  He has worked for two companies, Iogen Corporation and Novozymes.  He works at Novozymes in Davis, California.  He spent a lot of time with the students talking about his job and how it relates to science!


Dinner With A Scientist!

Class Color Days and Other Spirit Dress Days!

Class Color Days & Spirit Days!

Last year, our Student Leadership Team started doing a few Class Color Days and some special Spirit Dress Days!  We have decided to continue to have these days.  The Student Leadership Team wanted to let you know ahead of time about these dress days so students can be prepared for the 2014-15 school year!  WUSD has a K-8 uniform policy which consists of white shirts or a school T-shirt, and navy blue, tan or black uniform bottoms.  We do expect all students to continue to wear a school uniform but we also will offer a few special dress days in the school year!  

The Special Class Color Days and Spirit Dress Days are the following:

   March 27=Class Colors Day, April 10=Twin or Triplet Day, April 24=Class Color Day, May 15=Western Day, May 29=Class Color Day!

Class Colors are:


Kindergarten:               GREEN

First Grade:                  ORANGE

Second Grade:             TEAL

Third Grade:                 PURPLE

Fourth Grade;               GREEN

Fifth Grade:                  ORANGE

Sixth Grade:                TEAL

Seventh Grade:            PURPLE

Eighth Grade:               GREEN


NEW Westmore Oaks T-Shirts!

New Westmore Oaks T-Shirts!

The Westmore PTSA is going to have Westmore T-Shirts in other assorted colors this year!  These shirts are inexpensive and can all be worn as an official school uniform.  Last year we introduced green and purple, which are class colors.  This year we want to also have orange and teal, which are also class colors!  The Westmore T-shirt will also be available in black, another popular color.  The T-shirt order form will be put on the website soon so you can order your T-shirts for school as early as August 12th in the office!!  Thanks to our wonderful PTSA!! 

2014-07-31 14.33.20.jpg

Westmore School APP

Parents and Students:  Remember to download the Westmore School APP so you can get all of the school information right on your smart phone.  You can access the school webpage, school Facebook, teacher emails and there is even a place on the app where students can write down their assignments and project due dates!  This APP is also FREE!  Go to schoolinfoapp to download the Westmore School APP! 



Download the Westmore School APP!  Go to Schoolinfoapp or the APP Store to download your FREE APP onto your phone or IPad!!



District LCAP Survey

Distirct LCAP Survey


The WUSD is asking that parents, students, staff and community members to fill out an online survey to help the district develop our LCAP Plan for next school year.  It is in English, Spanish and Russian.  Click the links below to access them.  Thanks, Mrs. Smith, Principal

https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/56MWR5R (English)

https://es.surveymonkey.com/s/R25M28F  (Spanish)

https://ru.surveymonkey.com/s/Z5WLQ88  (Russian)


Spring Break!

Spring Break! 

School is closed from March 30th to April 3rd for Spring Break!!!  


Water Resources Student Art Contest!

Water Resources Student Art Contest!

This is an art contest for students n kindergarten through sixth grade.  Visit the WRA website for more information about the contest! http://www.yolowra.org/wae.html


Free Dental Care For FAmilies!

Free Dental Care For Families!

Families interested in possible free dental care can go on the CDA website to learn more information.  It is:



Boys Basketball Team Schedule!

Boys Basketball Schedule is located in the Locker on the Homepage below!!


SARC Report

SARC Report

The most current SARC ( School Accountability Report Card) is now available.  It is located in the locker on the homepage below.  It is in English and in Spanish!  Thanks, Mrs. Smith

Annual Notice to Parents Letter

Annual Notice to Parents Letter

The Annual Notice to Parents Letter from the Washington Unified School District is located in the locker on the homepage.  It is in English, Russian and Spanish! 

Thanks, Mrs. Smith

NEW Common Core Video!

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Common Core Corner!

Kid Version of the CCSS!

Check out the website below!




Common Core Corner!

Common Core Video!

What is Common Core?



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Music Is Language and More
We are learning how to play tunes and make music on instruments, but we are also learning language, math, and science.  Look over some the topics and terms we have been exposing so far this year in band class (mastery takes time):

Proper M... Continue
Posted by: Kurt Pearsall
Published: 11/12/14