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Our School

At Westmore Oaks, we believe how we act is who we are, so we will adhere to the Westmore Oaks way, our own Dragon Code of Honor.  As proud and mighty DRAGONS, we pledge to...
Defend those in need,
Respect self and others,
Achieve academically,
Give selflessly,
Own our actions,
Never give up, and
Stay true to our word!
DRAGONS who are caught frequently and habitually exhibiting the characteristics of our Dragon Code of Honor will be given WOW Tickets/Dragon Bucks and may even be recognized in one of our many recognition assemblies and events.

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At Westmore Oaks K-8, we are a diverse and compassionate community of families, students and staff, working collaboratively and cooperatively to become critical thinkers.  Our mission is to engage all students in rigorous academic instruction in preparation for their continuing education and life in the twenty-first century.  We will provide a safe and supportive environment in order to encourage and motivate all students to reach their full potential.  All students will take responsibility for their own learning. 

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Every student can succeed and the Westmore Oaks K-8 staff is committed to seeing that happen.

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Click on the links below to see how much solar energy the equipment at Westmore Oaks produces!